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Carotid Angiography

Carotid angiography is the injection of contrast to evaluate the degree of stenosis or narrowing of the carotid arteries which can lead to stroke, and to assess the best method of treatment.

This procedure may be done in our office based endovascular lab, or at the hospital. The location is at the discretion of the physician and patient based on each individual's needs.

This procedure is done while you are awake, however you will be given medicine to help you relax during the procedure. Using local anesthesia or numbing medicine, a needle is placed in your groin and a small tube is advanced through your artery. Contrast is then injected through that tube and X-Ray pictures are taken.

1. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before.
2. Bring all medications with you.
3. Individual medications you should take the morning of the procedure will be discussed when your procedure is scheduled.
4. You must have someone accompany you for this procedure as you will not be allowed to drive for 24hrs.

This requires a needle stick to the artery. So you will be required to stay 2 to 3 hours after your procedure.